Bookings, bookings, and more bookings! 

I know I've only got dates posted through May-something posted on here, but that's just due to laziness. I'm booked through December, with a couple months full. Unbelievable! And a lot of places are just starting to book! I'm starting to think I shouldn't have started that day job last Fall. Anyhow, thanks to all who have booked me; I'm proud of the quality of venues that I'm getting, and thrilled to be a part of their business.

I feel too lucky to say. I've only been doing this for five years, so yikes…

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Ahhhhh... it's Valentine's Day! What better day to kick off my new website? Come in, hang awhile, listen to some music, watch some vids, chat some. 

My calendar for the year has been filling up nicely. I'm booked through December, and am now beginning to mine it for free weekends to block off so I can take a break! Not many of those already and it's only February, so this is going to be a killer year!

While I often regret having started music so late in life, in a way I feel fortunate. I'm still hungry…

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Welcome to My Page :0)

Now that you're here, let's have some fun! Check out samples from my album, Stupid Ghost, videos, pictures, and more! 


Here's a video of He Named Her Jessica, filmed at the historic Henn Theater in Murphy, NC;


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