The Good Doktor: Compelling tale of the hunt for Nazi war Criminals by the Mossad. Dynamic cat and mouse story flows seamlessly from the Dachau concentration camp to the beaches of Argentina.

What reviewers are saying:

"I found this book very exciting. Finished it in two days. I love the fact that real characters were woven into this work of fiction making it all the most believable. And the ending leaves me with hope that there will be a sequel starting from where The Good Doktor ends!"

"A well written fiction novel that is believable from beginning to end. The Good Doktor is a very riveting book that you don't want to put down. Well written from a visual standpoint. You can imagine that you are right there in every situation. Great work Scott Stambaugh. Look forward to your next book."

"A must read for fans of historical fiction. Non-stop action and well-written novel that manages to make a former SS officer a sympathetic character. Leaves the reader wanting more...."

Read the first chapter of The Good Doktor, then follow the link to purchase a Kindle version of the novel! 



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